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Couple Therapy

All couples go through challenging times. Perhaps you are struggling to communicate, or find you get stuck in unresolved, repetitive arguments? You may be navigating parenting challenges, a betrayal or a loss of intimacy? Perhaps you want to think through your relationship expectations before making a deeper commitment to one another? You may feel uncertain about the future of your relationship but haven't yet decided to separate, or have reached the end of your relationship and want to have a healthy separation? Or you may want to address a particular area of difficulty in an otherwise well-functioning relationship.

Whatever the problem, couple therapy provides a safe space to explore what is upsetting you and gain valuable insight into why your difficulties have arisen. With the help of a therapist, partners can listen to each other more effectively and better understand how they each contribute to what happens between them. This can shift the dynamic from anger and blame towards compassion and co-operation, helping you identify the changes needed to have a more satisfying, healthy relationship.  

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Individual Therapy


You may be in a couple relationship but your partner does not want to attend therapy. Attending on your own can still benefit the relationship by exploring  why you feel the way you do and developing a better understanding of what you bring to the relationship. Or, perhaps you are coming to think about difficulties in a relationship with a parent, sibling, friend, or colleague? You may want to explore repeating patterns in your relationships, or make sense of a relationship that has ended?


Individual therapy provides a safe, confidential space to understand yourself and your relationships in more depth. Together we can explore any concerns or anxieties you may have, with the aim of increasing self-knowledge and improving the quality of your relationships.  

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