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couples therapy, relationship therapy, marriage counselling, harpenden, wheathampstead, online


Relationship therapy for
couples and individuals


Caroline Wallis, couples therapist, couples counsellor, relationship counsellor, relationship therapy, marriage counsellor, marriage counselling, Harpenden, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, online

Caroline Wallis

Relationships are an important part of all our lives; they shape who we are and contribute to our sense of well-being. But being in a relationship isn’t always easy. We can feel disappointed, misunderstood and challenged, or get stuck in unhelpful repeating patterns. When our relationships are suffering, we can feel distressed, anxious and alone. 


In times of difficulty it can be helpful to have a dedicated safe space to think through your thoughts and feelings with the support of a therapist. Together we can explore what is going on in a thoughtful, non-judgmental way, paving the way for a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you, creating the possibility for new ways of relating to emerge.



If you would like to find out more, or book an initial consultation, please email me at or complete the contact form. I will respond within two working days to arrange a brief telephone conversation or Zoom call where we can discuss your difficulties and the kind of help you are looking for.


If you are enquiring about couple therapy, please include your partner's name and email address so I can reply to you both.

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BACP, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy
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